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Jane sketching

1950: M.A. in English and Art from the University of Chicago.

1980 to 81: Attended George Washington University, School of Engineering, studied computer science.


I have painted and drawn all my life. In my youth I attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. I have taken sculpture and painting classes from the University of Maryland, the Corcoran School of Art from time to time.

1963 to 1982: Owned and operated Cellar Art Scene, a structured Art School of four adult classes and seven children's classes a week, 8-week sessions. Enrollment ranged between 60 and 90 students a week. I painted, and also worked in ceramics and stone, selling work in all media.

1976: Sculpted bust of Jimmy Carter, published in People Magazine.

1974: Guest artist at the Corcoran Benefit, one of five whose portrait work was bid for.

1973: Sculpted life-size busts of the principals of Watergate. These were on exhibit at various times at the Woman's National Democratic Club, the Washington Palm Restaurant and a private home during their reception for the opening of the movie "All the President's Men." Busts were owned by Senator Sam Ervin, Senator Daniel Inouye, Sam Dash, and individual collectors.

1951 to 1953: Worked on direct mail art projects.